Media HIDING Key Detail About That MOAB Trump Dropped In Afghanistan

The mainstream media is more committed to pushing their narrative than informing the American people.

In their continued assault against President Trump, the mainstream media is hiding the reality of the MOAB that was deployed in Afghanistan. The blast resulted in ZERO civilian casualties. (via LA Times)

The Massive Ordinance Air Blast, (MOAB) or Mother Of All Bombs, was deployed in the fight against ISIS. The bomb was dropped on a tunnel complex used by ISIS and resulted in the deaths of 94 militants.

The mainstream media continues to report that 94 were killed, without also mentioning that all 94 were terrorists.

The tunnel-busting bomb was dropped in coordination with the Afghan government, and civilians were evacuated from the area in advance.

The effort was successful, and not a single civilian was killed. The 94 militants who were obliterated included many leaders of the Afghan branch of ISIS.

The military decided to use the 21,000-pound bomb to avoid the risk to Afghan and American soldiers. The bomb was used to avoid sending soldiers to clear the tunnels directly.

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The deployment of the bomb was a massive success. It severely damaged ISIS forces in Afghanistan with no unintended consequences. However, you will not hear that from the mainstream media.

Liberal journalists are writing about how the MOAB was not deployed before because of the potential for civilian casualties. However, President Trump proved more capable than his predecessors, and was able to use the bomb without collateral damage. (via The Intercept)

The destruction of ISIS should be an issue that even the most fervent of anti-Trump journalists can support. The terrorist organization has brought murder, suffering, and disaster to the Middle East — and has no redeeming qualities.

President Trump is proving to be an effective Commander-in-Chief. He has authorized the military to finally take the fight to ISIS, doing what Obama refused to do.

Obama created ISIS, and now President Trump is forced to clean up his mess.


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