Media Want Trump’s Scalp Over Russia Talks, But IGNORED What Hillary Did…

The media have gone completely crazy over Flynn’s talks with Russia, exposing their deep hypocrisy in the process, when Clinton’s connections to Russia are much more troubling.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn had only two conversations with the Russian ambassador in December — one was to give his condolences for another Russian ambassador who was killed in Turkey, and the other was about general US-Russian relations. He also gave one speech for Russia Today. However, Bill and Hillary Clinton gave numerous speeches in Russia for tens of millions of dollars, via Breitbart.

Yet another nauseating double standard by the liberal news media. It is almost like a bratty two-year-old bellowing that his father ate all of the chocolate while he has it all over his face!

Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 to give a speech to a Russian bank with government ties in 2010. Later, the Clinton State Department approved a deal where the mining company Uranium One was sold to the Russian company Rosatom.

Quid pro quo? It sure seemed like it at the time.

This was just one of many deals where the Clintons had interactions with Russia that were suspect, to say the least. This is why the liberal news media have a lot of nerve pointing to the limited evidence of the Trump administration’s Russian ties when his presidential opponent had tons more.

It is clear to all Americans who are not caught up in the mainstream media’s icy grips that Clinton has always been about HER OWN interests.

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The story about the Trump interaction was originally broken by The New York Times, and it was reported by Peter Schweizer, who buried in the lead of the story the fact that no evidence of wrongdoing by Trump had been uncovered whatsoever. There you go, media — let the man do his job.

Why is it the media seems intent on proving a Russian link to the Trump administration when no such link exists? One major reason is because they somehow still think that they can get him kicked out of office if they scream enough.

Just look at the Marxist Michael Moore, who literally had the gall to urge the court to invalidate Trump as POTUS and have Hillary installed instead! In all-caps, on his Facebook, Moore wrote, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on: TRUMP COLLUDING WITH THE RUSSIANS TO THROW THE ELECTION TO HIM,” via Mediate.

This is what happens when the media fill every fantasy of the liberal mind — they go berserk. We either have to turn to new media or drag the mainstream media over the coals to get the truth.

They can go to any lengths to make Trump look bad and ignore Hillary’s obvious scandals, but they cannot change reality. We just need to make sure more the American people actually look for the truth instead of believing the fantasy nonsense coming from the mainstream media these days.


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