Mexican National Commits MASSIVE Voter Fraud, Gets BRUTAL Justice

President Trump was right about voter fraud. Nothing is as infuriating as the thought of our elections being undermined by criminals. At least this one was served justice.

Rosa Maria Ortega, a 38-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico, was just sentenced to spent eight years in prison for voter fraud. Hear about this shocking story on CNN or similar mainstream media outlets? I didn’t think so.

Ortega is one of Barack Obama’s “dreamers.” She came to America as a baby when her mother illegally crossed the Mexican border.

If liberals had not fought and won against so many common sense laws to prevent voter fraud, Ortega and untold hundreds of thousands like her would not have been able to cast a ballot in our elections. Voter ID laws are not racist or fascist — they are both an entirely necessary and legal means to secure our free and fair election process.

Ortega was found guilty on two counts of voter fraud. She falsely claimed to be a United States citizen a grand total of five times between 2012 and 2014.

If the election fraud protections in existing law do not need a massive overhaul, how did Ortega ever get a ballot in her hands? What are the odds Ortega claimed to be an American only in order to vote?

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Slim to none, I figure. Rosa Maria has most likely been taking advantage of taxpayer-funded government aid programs throughout her life — just like the hoax pulled to allow her a “free” public school education.

During an interview with Fox News, Ortega’s attorney claimed his client only has a sixth-grade education and didn’t know what she was doing was illegal. Ignorance of the law has never been an acceptable excuse when Americans got caught doing something wrong, so why is it suddenly acceptable here? If you want to be in this country, you better know our laws and abide by them!

In the same interview, the illegal immigrant’s attorney tried to pull at the heartstrings of viewers. The lawyer said Ortega’s mother never loved or properly guided her children and only used them to get “stamps,” presumably the food stamps you and I pay for, fellow patriots.

Rosa Maria Ortega got caught and will pay a price for her vile crime, but how many others like her are out there?

Liberal lawmakers and their pals in the mainstream media don’t want us to know the answer to that extremely important question. Ortega was a green card holder but not a United States citizen — she had absolutely no right to cast a ballot in ANY election in America.

It is about time these criminals start to pay for their crimes and this looks like the perfect place to start.


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