Michael Moore Claims Trump’s Presidency Will Bring About “Human Extinction”


To say that progressive propagandist, er, documentary maker Michael Moore is not a fan of President Donald Trump would be an understatement, as he has literally alleged that Trump will ultimately prove to be the downfall of all humanity. Seriously.

Trump signed a sweeping executive order Tuesday aimed at former President Barack Obama’s climate change regulations that “will suspend, rescind or flag for review more than a half-dozen measures in an effort to boost domestic energy production in the form of fossil fuels,” according to Fox News.

Key to that order was a full review of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, which has greatly hampered the energy and manufacturing industries by significantly limiting the amount of “greenhouse gas” and carbon emissions that can be produced.


According to The Daily Caller, Moore took to Twitter to tweet, “Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump”.

He followed that tweet with another which read: “Trump has signed orders killing all of Obama’s climate change regulations. The EPA is prohibited henceforth from focusing on climate change.”


Take a look:

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Though Moore has repeatedly launched attacks on Trump and his administration since the 2016 election, this one by far appears to be his biggest, most unhinged and utterly illogical meltdown to date.

The tweet-trackers at Twitchy noted as much in compiling some of the more hilarious responses to Moore’s apocalyptic prediction.


Many of the respondents simply pointed out how overly dramatic Moore was being, but several also attempted to follow his histrionics to their logical conclusion — the extinction of humanity — but ran into a bit of a snag when it came to Moore’s assertion about historians.

Indeed, many others chimed in to ask, perhaps in earnest, just how exactly historians would be able to write about the extinction of humanity if they themselves were also extinct. Furthermore, who exactly would read their writings if they were somehow able to avoid the catastrophic extinction of humanity via Trump?

Michael Moore has once again displayed one of the more telling failures of the progressive ideology: a fundamental lack of critical thinking skills or logic and reason.

Alas, he and his ilk are unlikely to learn anything from this instance and will simply move on to the next breathless allegation of impending doom at the hands of the environment-hating, fascist, Hitler-esque, racist, sexist tyrannical Trump, or something like that.

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