Middle Easterner Asks Mom Odd Question, Sick When She Looks Behind Them

Something strange is happening all over America, and this brave mom is speaking out to warn others.

A local mother and Texas resident, Amanda, had an odd encounter at the grocery store one morning. She learned the couple, and an accomplice who stood off to the side in a vacant checkout lane without groceries, were using tactics that are known to police to be used by child abductors.

The very strange and frightening encounter caused the mother to research the event when she returned home.

Amanda explains in her Facebook post that the Middle Eastern woman kept touching her and her cart. She repeatedly asked for the toddler’s age, which she was not told. The woman even grabbed the child out of her mother’s hands, and Amanda had to wrestle her away.

The mother recounts: “I grabbed back on to my daughter as the woman was saying, ‘Say bye to mommy’ — what an unusual comment to provoke a child to say. The woman resisted returning her when I physically pulled my daughter from her arms.”

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The post explains that this is a common tactic used by child abductors. They attempt to form a quick bond with the child in the grocery store, and then later in the parking lot while the mother is occupied with loading groceries, the kidnappers grab the child, who is now comfortable with the stranger.

Amanda also explains how abductors attempt to stand between the mother and her child, so that they are separated while the mother places her groceries on the conveyor belt. Thankfully, Amanda waited until the couple left before taking her attention away from her child.

She explains that this type of thing is known to happen in grocery stores and similar locales across America, with incidents being reported in Walmart, Target, and Kmart stores. Amanda lives near the I-20, which is known as a route for human trafficking. Her research also uncovered that Houston is a popular port where children are shipped overseas.

Amanda was smart and exercised due diligence in protecting her child, but this could have easily gone the other way. Witnesses assumed that the couple and Amanda were friends based on the close body language. Their leaving with the child could have gone easily unnoticed.

It is sickening that these people are able to operate in broad daylight, without fear of being caught. You need to be mindful when you are out in public as you alone must protect your family.


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