MOB Of Angry Muslims RAVAGE Through Upscale Neighborhood Threatening To RAPE Women

Imagine you live in the United States when all of a sudden 30 violent looking Muslim men come walking across your front lawn screaming that they are going to kidnap then rape you. Would you have reason to be concerned? Would video of this be of interest to the local news? Could THIS actually happen in America? Yes, it is.


An unidentified new resident to an upscale neighborhood in the Lake Calhoun area says that a mob of Somali men marched through the neighborhood harassing and threatening the residents. They were also firing bottle rockets at the homes while screaming threats. Around 9:30 am on June 28th the police were called because they received reports of terroristic threats. In the TV interview the woman’s identity was hidden but you can tell she was very upset over the incident. She said that they drove onto her lawn and stood outside threatening to kidnap and rape her.

According to WND

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap you and they were going to rape you,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”
“We couldn’t get them out,” a woman tells Hoffland from behind shadows, her voice digitally altered to protect her identity. “We didn’t know what to do.”
When the shouts of “We’re going to rape you” rang out, “it was just a very traumatizing experience,” the woman said.
The Somalis were driving onto the sidewalk and onto the homeowners’ lawns, “all while shooting off bottle rockets and screaming” their threats, she said.

Neighbors took cell-phone videos of the roaming gang of Muslim men. Residents of this million-dollar home area say that this isn’t the first time the mostly Sunni Muslims have intimidated the community. The local paper Star-Tribune never reported on the incident and local channel 5 KSTP didn’t mention that the violent threats came from refugees in the community calling the perpetrators “Multiple young men have been harassing them.” The camera does zoom in on the police report that says “approximately 20-30 Somali males” were making “comments” that turned to “threats.”

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While the police say this is a high priority case no hate-crime charges are apparently being considered by local authorities and they’ve been investigating since June. The feds have settled about 7,000 in Minneapolis per year which has attributed to this Muslim mob behavior because of the lack of assimilation of the Somali refugees. This area Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis is often called ‘Little Mogadishu’.


Refugee watchdog Ann Corcoran said that, “This should be on the national news. Just envision this happening in your neighborhood. How are Americans ever going to be prepared and proactive if we don’t even know what is happening in the next city, let alone the next state?” Corcoran points out that the Somalis aren’t ‘new’ Minnesota, “The ‘youths’ harassing homeowners at Lake Calhoun were born here or came as very small children.”

WATCH the News clip below of the frightened unanimous woman who was threatened:


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