Mother Horrified After Little Girl Is Bruised And Beaten… Disgusted at School's Excuse


When an Alabama mother was called to school because her daughter had sustained an injury, she was told that the incident was an accident. But according to her daughter that was not the case.

Kelly Turpin and her daughter Lanny, 9, claim they have had a difficult time with L.E. Wilson Elementary School in Sheffield after the school allegedly covered up the incident that led to Lanny’s injury.

“I got called to come to the school around 10 a.m. Friday,” said Turpin, according to “They told me my daughter fell and I needed to come to the school.”


When Turpin came to get her daughter, she allegedly was lied to right off the bat. The school nurse directly contradicted the daughter’s story in a disquieting way.

“The nurse started telling me my daughter fell and was hurt accidentally,” Turpin claimed. “But my daughter said, ‘No, mom, it wasn’t an accident.’”

She said another girl had grabbed her while she was going to art class and jumped on top of her. According to Opposing Views, the bully was mad that Lanny was friends with a particular person.


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Lanny then fell and hit a metal pole, which caused a concussion, according to Opposing Views. Her injuries were not pretty. You can see her injuries here, and a video covering the story by WHNT here — but be advised, the injuries are graphic, and viewer discretion is strongly advised.

The bully allegedly asked Lanny not to tell on her, but Lanny wasn’t having it. She told her mother what was going on.

Lanny was taken to the hospital and was expected to make a full recovery. Thank goodness for that.

However, the school continues to behave very strangely about the incident, Turpin said. She has claimed that she was lied to by the principal about what punishment the bully might face.


“When I asked the principal what was being done about the bully, he said she would be suspended for two days,” Turpin said. “Then I found out they didn’t even do anything to her.”

Principal Tony Willis has been told to keep quiet about the affair because the Turpins are speaking with an attorney.

“We’ve been instructed we’re not to comment on this situation because the family has been speaking to an attorney,” Willis said. “With any incident, we’re going to look into it and follow our code of conduct to the letter. We try to be proactive rather than reactive and make sure students are comfortable enough to talk with us when they encounter problems.”

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