MSM Fails To Report Massive Threat Outside Christian Conference


An angry Muslim man reportedly equipped with a firearm crashed a Christian conference held April 9 at a hotel in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, carrying a Quran and using his brief time there to record what was occurring, TheBlaze reported.

After being informed by a security guard that he couldn’t film the event, Ehab Jaber returned to his vehicle, where he then Livestreamed a horrifying video to Facebook in which he displayed his large collection of weapons — including an assault-style AR-15 — and urged viewers to “be f***ing terrified!”

The video has apparently been taken down from Jaber’s Facebook page since.


According to local station KELO, a subsequent investigation by authorities led to no charges being filed against Jaber. It turned out that he had a concealed carry permit and that all the guns he displayed had been purchased legally.

Speaking later with station KDLT, he tried to justify his insane rant and behavior by claiming that the Christian conference had been an anti-Muslim event.

“I was really distraught to see that many people, those are the people I’ve lived among for 20 years,” he said. “There were children, there were men, women of all ages,” Jaber said. “It was like a family picnic come to hate all Muslims.”


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Says who? According to the organization that held the conference, Worldview Weekend, one of the key speakers that day had been Pastor Shahram Hadian, an Iranian former Muslim who had converted to Christianity.

One of the key topics of the discussion had been “(e)xtreme vetting of (radical) Muslim immigrants,” a policy prescription promoted by President Donald Trump.

Does Trump also “hate all Muslims?” Absolutely not. Neither do the Christians who attended Worldview Weekend’s conference, so far as we can tell.

Jaber’s whole shtick was based on lies and fear-mongering, all of them likely spoon-fed to him by the liberal media, i.e., the same deceitful hacks who have chosen to pretend as if what he did on April 9 never even happened. Go figure.


Yet the Muslim man felt no remorse.

“I’m going to capitalize on other people’s fear, but I’m going to do something good with it,” he said in defense of his Facebook video. “I will not back down from this; I will not be bullied.”

Bullied? Considering that he crashed a Christian conference, recorded its attendees without permission and then pretty much threatened their lives in a sinister video he recorded outside, perhaps Jaber should rethink who’s being bullied here.

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