MSNBC Doesn't Use C-Word, Just Asks if Melania, Ivanka 'Are Dead Inside'

It’s been a busy few weeks, what with the United States-North Korea summit and serious movement on trade. So, what were the folks at MSNBC talking about last week? Stormy Daniels, of course.

If you haven’t flipped over to the official channel of the DNC recently, they’re still treating l’affaire Stormy as if it were the top story in the Trump-verse and was going to take him down at any moment, which doesn’t seem to be working itself out quite the way they might have hoped.

The outrage this time was over Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who implied that Ms. Daniels may be somewhat less than believable because of her background.

“I respect women — beautiful women and women with value — but a woman who sells her body for sexual exploitation I don’t respect,” Giuliani said June 6.

“Tell me what damage she suffered. Someone who sells his or her body for money has no good name.”

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Controversial, perhaps — but nothing on MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, who decided to respond on Thursday by asking if the “Trump women” — obviously including Melania and Ivanka Trump — are “dead inside.”

The “debate,” such as it was, began with the typical airing of grievances against Trump when it comes to women. (Funny, this doesn’t seem to happen so often to Bill Clinton or anyone in his orbit when MSNBC deals with them.)

Wallace began by saying that she “would never play a moral policewoman here.” And then she went on to play a moral policewoman, mostly with the aid of Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair.

Do you think these comments were offensive?

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As for Fox, she said that what Giuliani “said about Stormy Daniels was disgusting, it gave me a pit in my stomach from the second I woke up this morning.” One might recommend Pepto-Bismol in a situation like this, but that’s just me. She also said that “this is so disrespectful to the first lady,” apparently because some risqué shots Melania once took equal hardcore pornography.

But then things shifted to Nicole Wallace and took a turn. “Well, let me ask you, you know more about the Trump women, the Trump family than anyone,” she said to Fox. “What do they do on a day like today? Are they just stoic human beings? Are they numb? Are they dead inside? Are they paid off? I mean, what’s their deal?”

Wow. Someone decrying sexism saying something exceptionally sexist. It’s just like Samantha Bee, except they didn’t have to say the c-word. (In fairness, this is usually frowned upon by most news networks.) Well, thankfully, a writer with Fox’s reputation was around to set her straight on where the line was.

“Yes, yes and yes,” Fox said.

“But I think they do not see President Trump the way that all of us see President Trump. They have such a distorted image of who he is. They don’t have the same kind of reaction that we do.”

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Oh. Never mind.

And yes, they don’t have the same reaction that you do. They don’t see President Trump the way that all of you see President Trump. I would absolutely co-sign that statement.

As for the distorted image, well, perhaps we ought to look at the woman with the “pit in her stomach” over Mr. Giuliani’s words who’s apparently agreeing that Ivanka and Melania Trump can be “paid off” like prostitutes, or are “dead inside.”

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