MSNBC Guest Makes Stupid Claim About Trump's Wall… And Birds


For many months, liberals have been arguing against President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, using every argument they can think of.

One particularly interesting argument that was floated by biologist Jeff Corwin on MSNBC, to the effect that various animals would be negatively impacted by the wall, Townhall reported.

Corwin even claimed that birds (yes, he actually said birds) would have their migratory patterns adversely affected by the wall. That truly is tragic. If only the birds had some way to fly over the wall …


“It’s poised to cut through more than 1,200 miles of habitat along the border between the United  States and Mexico,” Corwin explained. “There are over 90 threatened and critically endangered species that are in the cross-hairs because of this wall.

“And we’ve got over 100 migratory birds that will be impacted by this wall,” he added.

Corwin went on to sound like a doomsday preacher, claiming that some animals would be pushed to the brink of extinction because of the wall.


MSNBC host Craig Melvin followed up Corwin’s claims by asking if birds wouldn’t simply be able to fly over the wall. That’s when things got really good.

“Certainly, many animals that fly can migrate over that wall. But many animals stay very low. For example, birds and bats are actually passing close to the ground surface because they’re heading toward plants for pollination, for seeds that they eat, or fruits,” Corwin explained.

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“Bats use echo-location to navigate, and clearly a wall would be a terrible obstacle for them,” he added.

We know this is hard to believe, even from MSNBC, so here’s the clip:

We suggest that this is actually not much of an issue, inasmuch as most of the bats are in Corwin’s belfry.


You know, it’s quite frankly a miracle that birds and bats have survived as long as they have. I mean, if they aren’t able to fly over a wall, how the heck do they fly over buildings, mountains and trees?

This is yet another terrible spin job put out by liberals desperate to stop Trump from enacting his agenda. Unfortunately for them, most Americans can see through these ridiculous arguments and won’t fall for any moronic claims about birds.

H/T TheBlaze

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