Muslim Delivers Pizza, Gives Kids Something Extra They DID NOT Want

When you order a pizza, the last thing on your mind is danger — you expect to pay for the food and close the door. That was not the case with this Muslim pizza delivery guy!

In England, Mohammed Shahab Mahboubian, 37, was delivering a pizza to a house when he discovered that it was a house full of teenage girls who were home alone. He threatened to attack them if one of the girls did not leave and come willingly into his vehicle. And then he sexually assaulted her!

One girl, whose name was kept private, complied to protect herself and the others. She tried to tell the Mahboubian she was only a kid — 15 years old to be exact — but he didn’t seem to care. He then proceeded to ruin her innocence and scar her for life.

One of the other girls in the house called her grandmother, worried about the girl who agreed to go with the man who threatened them. When the sexual assault was over, the man let the girl go back into the house.

Police were called and alerted to the crime, and Mahboubian was arrested shortly after, according to reports from U.K. Express. This man, of course, denied the attack took place, but the police found more than enough evidence to prove the assault occurred.

What is not surprising is that Mahboubian is a refugee who came to Britain five years ago seeking asylum from his native country of Iran. For his crime, he was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison. Not long enough if you ask me.

This light sentence is all due to his representative, who tried to make excuses for the Iranian refugee, claiming he had “good behavior” prior to this attack. However, past performance is no guarantee of future actions.

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The representative also added how his client returned the girl home after the attack took place as if that somehow makes it better. Of course, officials and the parents are glad she is safe, but that does not erase the abuse that was inflicted upon her.

The refugee pleaded guilty to the two counts of sexual assault, only to avoid a more severe rape charge on his record that would have given him a heavier sentence. Hopefully, he will be deported after his time in prison has been served.

This man, this abuser of little girls, should have gotten a MUCH longer sentence. Twenty years at least, and then, if he’s still alive, he could be deported! But the criminal justice system in this world is too lenient, especially for Muslim refugees.

This is something this girl will carry with her for the rest of her life, and he only has to serve seven years in prison? How is that justice? How is that fair? I doubt they will even remember to deport him after he gets out. They will leave him in Britain to continue to prey on young girls. It wouldn’t be the first time!

This is just one of many similar incidents since refugees have migrated from the Middle East into the rest of the world — all because of sympathetic presidents and chancellors like Obama and Merkel. These people are proving they are NOT harmless. They break laws and put lives in danger, and it needs to be put in check once and for all!


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