Muslim Migrants Defecate, Masturbate and Scream Islamic Chants in Church Pew

This is what Sweden has bought itself with their tolerance of Muslim migrants in their country. Not only are theysucking up all the resources they have, their women and children are being raped and abused horrifically. Now this. In Christian churches, Muslims are defecating and urinating in the pews. They are masturbating there and smashing liquor bottles everywhere during sermons. They are shouting Islamic chants as well. They figure that Christians are meek sheep to the slaughter and that no one will stop them.

If a Christian pulled this in a mosque, they would at the very least chase them out and would probably kill them. Where is the Viking spirit of these people? When will enough be enough? Now, the church has been forced to hire security guards to protect the house of faith. Christians are now afraid to visit their own place of worship. Actually, I’m surprised it’s still standing and hasn’t been burned to the ground. That is probably on the menu somewhere.

From Jihad Watch:

Christians have become frightened to visit the Holy Trinity church as newcomers are reported to yell loudly and smash liquor bottles during services, masturbate in the pews and urinate and defecate both inside and in the church grounds.

The “newcomers” are Muslim migrants that the Christians tried to open their hearts to and welcome.

These Muslim migrants event went a little further:

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Aside from leaving their offensive bodily fluids everywhere, the migrants scream Islamic chants and smash liquor bottles on the floor in an attempt to silence Christian worshippers from praying to God.

Can one imagine the same being done by Christians in a mosque? It’s shocking and disgusting what the West puts up with in the name of political correctness and diversity. It’s even an insult to Muslims themselves: the most “racist” or ethnocentric gesture is to treat human beings as if they were animals who cannot be expected to behave in a civilized manner.

Parishioners of the Holy Trinity church also report that there have been multiple attempts to kidnap children during baptisms. You know… being a Christian does not mean being submissive or weak. If someone tried that on my child, they would cease breathing pretty quickly. Police yesterday gave the go-ahead to the church to have Security guards at all future services, weddings and christenings. Staff have also received training on how to deal with threats and violence and sessions on conflict management are in the works. I certainly hope those guards are given permission to shoot to kill.

Holy Trinity administrative manager Bengt Alvland says that people have repeatedly tried to steal silver and staff are having to keep the organ locked to prevent them from climbing on top of it to disturb worshipers. The security industry is booming in Sweden, with sales for market leader Securitas reaching 80 billion Swedish krona in 2015, twice the amount the nation spends on defence. This ‘new clientele’ is why.

What disturbs me most of all (and I find all of this uber disturbing) is the fact that the church is now claiming that it’s “Swedish men aged 35-45 with drug problems” who are causing the trouble. They know that isn’t true… they know they are Muslims and are trying to hide that fact. It’s suicidal and depicts exactly what is wrong with Sweden these days.

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