Muslim “Refugee” Asked For Asylum In America, But He Was Hiding a Dark Secret

Criminals and terrorists have a complete understanding of the vulnerabilities of our immigration system, and they abuse it whenever possible.

Sharafat Ali Khan is seeking asylum status after pleading guilty to operating a smuggling ring out of Brazil. The Pakistani citizen was found guilty of smuggling illegal immigrants into Brazil from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan so they could penetrate the U.S. border through South America. (via Washington Times)

One Afghan man that Khan helped cross the border was captured  by Border Patrol Agents and was discovered to have ties to the Taliban. Authorities said he was a major part of a terror plot and had plans to attack Canada or the United States.

Khan pleaded guilty before a a federal court and will be sentenced for a maximum of 46 months in prison.

Illegal immigrants paid Khan up to $15,000 apiece to be smuggled through Brazil into America. The journey required illegal immigrants to travel by foot through Central American rainforests before reaching a safe house in Mexico.

From the safe house, Khan would help the illegal immigrants coordinate with Mexican smugglers to cross the southwest portion of the border, known for its vulnerabilities.

Authorities discovered that Khan had been able to sneak 80 immigrants across the border between May 2014 and June 2016 – generating as much as $1.2 million over the two year period.

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Khan is planning to plea for asylum status after serving his prison sentence. Despite making a small fortune on human trafficking, he told a federal judge, “I want to stay here. I am a poor person. I would like to stay here if possible. I would like to apply for asylum.”

The smuggler is well-versed in abusing the generosity of the United States, and he understands how to work the system. He informed some of his clients to seek Border Patrol Agents upon arriving in the United States to request asylum status and receive free accommodations.

The conviction of Ali Khan proves the importance of maintaining a secure border. The desire to build a wall on the southern border is not intended to keep out Mexicans. Instead, it is designed to prevent any criminal from entering our country. Drug traffickers, human smugglers, and even terrorists rely on the vulnerabilities of our border to enter our country.

Should the United States stop taking in ALL Muslim refugees? Let America know!

Building a wall and properly staffing the border with agents is the only way to maintain the integrity of the continental United States.

We also need to reconsider the processes that we use to accept legitimate asylum-seekers, because our current practices are clearly rife with abuse.


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