Muslim Tells Judge She Only Stands For Allah – Judge Shows Her Allah Does Mean SH*T in Her Court!

WOW! This judge advised a Muslim woman to stand when the judicial officer came into the courtroom. She however, had other plans and none of them included having ANY intention on standing for anyone that walked into that courtroom.

Then she cited that ‘she wont’ stand for anyone except Allah’

Her name is Moutia Elzahed and she is the second wife of Hamdi Alqudsi. He was found guilty for recruiting for the Islamic State in Syria…yes GUILTY, and she is his wife. Well, second one anyway.

Apparently, her and her two teenage sons were in court suing the Commonwealth of Australia, claiming that they were the target of a counter-terrorism raid.

HAH HAH HAH! Is this a joke…?

Her husband is a terrorist found guilty by the court of law, and she’s his wife. His second ‘supporting’ wife…and she’s suing the government for being suspected of terrorism dealings?

Someone please fetch us the world’s smallest violin….she needs to hear a tune or two.

Anyhow, so there she is in court, and she finds the audacity in her ignorant self-righteous head to disrespect the presiding Judge!? She cray cray.

According to

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After the morning tea break, Judge Audrey Balla spoke to lawyer Clive Evatt and said that she had noticed Ms. Elzahed ‘doesn’t stand’ for the judge when she [came] into the court room.

Mr. Evatt then told the court that he believed that act was out of ‘religious reasons’ before stopping to check with other lawyers.

He then addressed the court with this: ‘She’s a Muslim, Your Honour, a strict Muslim and according to my instructions she won’t stand for anyone except Allah, which I’m not particularly happy with, Your Honour’.

Judge Balla responded with a question to Ms. Elzahed’s lawyer and asked him if she had been made cognizant of a recent offence created ‘which may relate to such conduct’.

So guess what happened next?

Well Judge Balla JUST last week refused to hear Ms. Elzahed’s evidence to support her innocence because SHE refused to remove her niqab (a piece of cloth that covers your face and every part of your body)

Exhibit A:

So there you go. Muslim woman says no to following the law. Judge says GUILTY!

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