Muslim Woman Makes “Sharia” Demand of Her Hairstylist

This type of disgraceful behavior is now being seen on a regular basis throughout this country and abroad, and it needs to be stopped.

Muslims think they can force Sharia Law on everyone else. There is no respect for people’s right to their own religious beliefs, and many are willing to ruin you if you do not agree with them. A young Muslim woman entered a hair salon and ordered all the men on the premises to leave, since under Sharia Law no men are allowed to see women without their hijab.

The Norwegian hair salon owner, Merete Hodne, later told the Muslim woman that she did not “want this evil inside the doors where I’m in charge.” Now, in this ever politically correct world, Hodne is getting in trouble with the authorities over her comments, having been fined for discrimination (while trying not to discriminate against her male customers), all due to the ignorance of both liberals and Muslims, via Express UK.

If that is the way authorities react when a person tries to defend themselves and their business from an aggressive fanatic pushing their religious beliefs on them, then both Norway and Europe are doomed.

All over Europe, there have been reports of trouble with Muslim refugees, and it is only set to get worse.

Many Muslims spilling into Europe think everyone must be a Muslim — or else you can be treated like dirt and pushed around.

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There is also no respect for females in the Islamic world, as can be seen by the increased rate of rape in various countries. Women are not allowed to drive, vote, or even show their heads under the rules of Sharia Law.

“I fear the totalitarian symbol of the hijab, which says that I should be killed,” Hodne said in defense of her actions, and rightfully so.

Sharia Law itself is barbaric and condones murder for the smallest of things. Even Muslim communities within the United States have been trying to run their communities through Sharia Law, something that is very worrying.

With Hodne being investigated for so-called discriminatory remarks, she is planning to appeal the sanctions placed against her to the European Court of Human Rights. This business owner is a hero because she stands up for what she believes in, and she is not going to accept the politically correct BS liberals are spouting.

People are finally starting to realize that fundamental Islam is a massive issue and that its followers are trying to force citizens to live under their absurd restrictions. It’s time for all business owners to stand up and say, “You don’t like it? GET OUT!”


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