Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Prediction Has Conservatives Terrified

Control of the House of Representatives is up for grabs this November.

Many pundits believe the Republicans are favored to maintain their majority.

But Nancy Pelosi’s latest prediction shocked everyone.

To win the House, Democrats would need to claim 30 seats.

Because party voters have largely sorted themselves — Democrats are clustered in big cities and Republicans live together in the suburbs and more rural areas — many prognosticators talked down the Democrats’ chances of winning the House.

Talk of a Democrat takeover spiked in early August when Hillary’s post-convention bounce saw her lead expand to eight points, but as Trump narrowed the race, election forecasters backed off their talk.

But not Nancy Pelosi.

She is still predicting a Democrat win.

Politico reports:

“I thought in December I would’ve told you we’d win 20 seats, left to our own devices,” a relaxed and upbeat Pelosi said Wednesday in a Playbook Interview in her Capitol office. “Seeing the behavior of the [GOP] presidential candidates right after that when the debates [happened], I became even more optimistic because they were so pathetic …

  Since then, I think anything is possible. I think it comes down to probably a single digit, one way or another.”

She added, “If Hillary [Clinton] were to win 54-46, oh my God. It’s all over. If it’s 53-47, and I think that’s in the realm of possibility … that’s a big deal. Five or more [percentage points] is a big deal.”

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 While Democrats are well-positioned to capture the Senate, the House is a much steeper climb, and whether they can pull it off is a hotly contested topic in Washington. House Republican leaders say they’ve seen no evidence of a wave election that would put the chamber in play, but recently they’ve begun to privately concede that some races seem to be slipping away.

 Pelosi, 76, was more optimistic than ever about her party’s political footing as the election nears.”

 The Democrats winning the House would be a disaster.

Currently, they are slight favorites to win a Senate majority, and Hillary narrowly leads in the race for the White House.

If the Democrats captured all three branches of government, they could impose an even more radical agenda than Obama did when Democrats ran both houses of Congress from 2009 to 2010.

Hillary has already promised amnesty in her first 100 days.

A national gun registration scheme and gun bans would both be on the table.

Democrats could scrap ObamaCare and replace it with a single-payer socialist healthcare scheme.

The economy killing Cap-and-Tax bill to address the global warming hoax could be rammed into law and shut down entire sectors of the American energy industry.

Liberals in Congress also might make it illegal for churches to refuse to hold homosexual “wedding” ceremonies and force religious organizations to allow mentally ill men to share women’s restrooms with young girls.

Conservatives have taken heart in Trump closing the gap on Hillary in the polls.

As he inches closer to retaking the lead, the chances of a Democrat takeover of the entire government plummet.

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