New Wikileaks Bombshell Details More Clinton Foundation Improprieties

A new bombshell has been made public courtesy of Wikileaks, involving a former top aide to Bill Clinton who apparently outlined ways in which he helped make the former president rich through the Clinton Foundation.

The 12-page memo, released Wednesday, details Doug Band’s aggressive strategy behind lining up consulting contracts and paid speaking engagements for Bill Clinton that added tens of millions of dollars to the family’s fortune, including during the years that Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

It describes how Band helped run what he called “Bill Clinton Inc.,” obtaining “in-kind services for the President and his family — for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like.”

Band argued in the memo that he and his firm, Teneo, had greatly benefited the former president and his foundation.

“We have dedicated ourselves to helping the President secure and engage in for-profit activities,” Band wrote.

He also said he had “sought to leverage my activities, including my partner role at Teneo, to support and to raise funds for the foundation.”

Band’s memo provided data showing how much money each of Teneo’s 20 clients at the time had given to the Clinton Foundation, how much they had paid Bill Clinton and, in some cases, how he or his partner — former Hillary Clinton fundraiser Declan Kelly — had personally forged the relationships that resulted in the payments.

Band wrote in the memo that Teneo partners had raised over $8 million for the foundation and $3 million in paid speaking fees for Bill Clinton.

He also said the company secured contracts for the former president that would pay out $66 million over the subsequent nine years if the deals remained in place.

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One example Band wrote about in detail was how Kelly arranged for the former president to meet the chief executive of Coca-Cola in January 2009 at the Clintons’ home in Washington.

As a result, Band said that Coke had contributed $4.33 million to the foundation between 2004 and 2010.

The memo made no direct reference to Hillary Clinton, but Band did outline how Kelly had served simultaneously from s2009-2011 as an unpaid economic envoy to Northern Ireland appointed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and as head of a separate consulting company whose clients included Coke, UBS and Dow Chemical.

At one State Department event in 2010, then-Secretary Clinton recognized Dow, among other companies, for creating jobs in Northern Ireland and thanked Kelly for his work.

Dow became one of Teneo’s first major clients. According to Band’s memo, Dow chief executive Andrew Liveris had been introduced to Bill Clinton over a round of golf with Kelly in August 2009.

The company then increased its Clinton Foundation support, contributing $705,000 in 2010 and 2011.

Dow paid Teneo $2.8 million in 2011, payments that then jumped to $19.4 million in 2012, according to internal Dow documents made public as part of a whistle-blower complaint.

That spike raised red flags for an internal company fraud investigator, who expressed concern that Dow was essentially paying for access to the former president.

“It appears Dow is paying Teneo for connections with Clinton,” the investigator wrote.

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