NY Firefighters “Outraged” After Hillary Camp Caught Making It Look Like They Endorse Her

It appears that the campaign of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has bought into all of the hype and propaganda spewed by liberal media that has essentially declared the election over and already won by Clinton.

According to the New York Post, it was recently revealed that Clinton’s campaign has already made preparations for a celebratory fireworks display to take place near the Javits Center on the Hudson River in New York City shortly after polls close on Election Day.

Part of those preparations would include the pre-positioning of emergency first responder units like police officers and firefighters to the area of the fireworks show, including the water-borne FDNY Marine 1 company, to guard against any sort of unfortunate accident with the explosives.

However, that had more than a few cops and firefighters feeling like they’ve been “tricked” by the campaign into appearing as though they are supportive of or working with the Democrat nominee, and some of them are letting their displeasure at this development be known.

“It’s a little presumptuous of her to plan on winning. I guess she put in for this before Friday,” said an NYPD detective, referring to the recent announcement by the FBI that they were looking into Clinton’s email scandal again.

Others wondered what would happen if Clinton were actually to lose the election or if it were too close to call on Election Night, with one firefighter asking, “So what’s she going to do, put the fireworks on ice?” Another suggested she sell the unused fireworks to her Republican rival Donald Trump at a steep discount.

But one retired firefighter summed up the prevailing attitude best by saying that the “rank and file is outraged they are being forced to do political work,” adding, “This will make it seem like the firefighters endorsed Hillary.”

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It is worth noting that the only fire department-related union to offer a political endorsement during the 2016 cycle was the Fire Marshals Benevolent Association, which has expressed its support for Trump.

Furthermore, some were worried that the stationing of vital units in the area of the fireworks display will detract from their day-to-day efforts to patrol the rest of the city, especially considering that both candidates will be holding Election Night events there.

That had some police officers concerned that they may be stretched thin between their usual duties combined with providing protection for both candidates and their running mates, as well as being prepared to respond to any unforeseen events such as violent clashes between groups of supporters for the two candidates in this hotly contested race.

Hillary Clinton may be looking beyond the election and planning her celebrations early, but she sure didn’t ask the men and women on the ground who keep her safe for their thoughts on the matter, once again displaying how arrogantly elitist and out of touch Clinton truly is.

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