Obama Gives Iran 2 Sick “Gifts” Before Leaving Oval Office

Officials from President Barack Hussein Obama’s administration have announced that the horrendous deal he signed last year gave Iran permission to build two new nuclear plants.

This revelation was shared with the Washington Free Beacon immediately following an announcement Thursday by Iran’s top nuclear official, Ali Salehi, that the nation has invested $10 billion toward the construction of said plants.

“The (nuclear deal) does not prevent Iran from pursuing new light-water reactors,” the anonymous official said. “Any new nuclear reactors in Iran will be subject to its safeguards obligations.”

“This is just the most recent confirmation of how misguided, shortsighted, and downright dangerous the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic truly is,” Sen. Ted Cruz told the Free Beacon, adding that nothing about Iran’s behavior this past year suggested that it intended to confine its “nuclear program to peaceful activities.”

Rather, Iran’s continual threats, the slow decay in relations and the launching of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles all lend credence to the theory that the Iranians played Obama like a fiddle — and that they have no intention of actually abiding by the deal, let alone refraining from pursuing the development of a nuclear weapon.

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Add to this recent revelations that the president essentially paid Iran ransom for the release of four Navy hostages, and it becomes clear that the deal was a complete failure.

As Rep. Mike Pompeo reportedly said: “President Obama’s failed nuclear deal with Iran does little to protect the United States from an eventual Iranian nuclear weapon.”

Not that the president cares. Obviously, he’s too busy vacationing to concern himself over the prospect of a terror-supporting nation like Iran obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

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