Obama Just Said No Employee Should Have To Speak English In America, What He Said Next ENRAGED Trump!

Among the many ridiculous and illegal things the Obama administration does they are now saying that a business to require an employee to speak English is discrimination. Now the United States Workplace English Rules say that a employer cannot force an employee to speak English.

In fact, forcing them to speak English, the language of this country, violates federal law under Obama’s new sweeping legislation on national origin discrimination in the workplace. Meaning that the new enforcement guidelines the government has handed down state that bilingual requirements do not meet the discrimination claims under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

The kicker? Requiring employees to speak languages OTHER than English is NOT considered discrimination under the administrations’ new rules. Trump is surely pissed off right about now!

Speak English only rules break the administration’s restrictive language policy. Obama’s administration is saying that employers could get into trouble because of the increasingly ethnically diverse culture we have in America.

The agency wrote the following in a lengthy document,

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“The increased cultural diversity of today’s workplaces presents new and evolving issues with respect to Title VII’s protection against national origin discrimination. This enforcement guidance will assist EEOC staff in their investigation of national origin discrimination charges and provide information for applicants, employees, and employers to understand their respective rights and responsibilities under Title VII.”

This was made public by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency on workplace discrimination laws, just a mere few days ago. Two years ago the foundation was laid with these new measures where people sued a private American business for discrimination against Hispanic people as well as Asian employees because they did not speak only English on the job.

It is completely reasonable for an employer to expect than an employee speaks in the primary language of the country where they are working. Specifically because if they do not speak the language then neither their employer or their coworkers can understand them making it next to impossible to do their work. It is very simple. If you were an engineer and did not have the degree or experience necessary to fulfill to job nobody would call that discrimination.

Speaking English is a basic necessity in America where most everyone speaks English.

Just one more thing Trump is going to have to undo when he makes America great again… and he will!

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