Obama Sends NOTE To Devastated Louisiana Flood Victims-Tells Them Not To Be Racist…

So now that the example has been set, Obama will be visiting Louisiana net Tuesday. Of course, that is when his vacation will be over…so they say.

However, I have a feeling he is not going to get the warm welcome he may expect. Not after he sent this‘note’ to the people…

What occurred in the Pelican State is said to be the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy swept through New Jersey right before the general election in 2012.

While Obama may still be on vacation – celebrating eight tumultuous years in office where he transformed America for the worse, no doubt – he had the nerve to let state and local officials know not to engage in racial discrimination.

Because everything is about race with the first black president.

From Washington Times:

President Obama has refused so far to survey the Louisiana flood disaster, but he did let state and local officials know that he’s watching to make sure they don’t engage in racial discrimination.

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In a 16-page guidance issued Tuesday, the Obama administration, led by the Justice Department, warned Louisiana recipients of federal disaster assistance against engaging in “unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).”

The guidance’s frameworks “highlight the importance of complying with nondiscrimination requirements of civil rights statutes, addressing the needs of the whole community, and ensuring equal opportunity to access recovery efforts.”

Needless to say, some Louisiana residents were offended, including the American Conservative’s Rod Dreher, who took umbrage at receiving an anti-discrimination lecture from Washington, D.C., as locals struggle to rescue, house and feed their neighbors.

“[E]verywhere you look you can find black folks and white folks loving on each other, helping each other through this crisis,” Mr. Dreher said in a Thursday post.

He referred to the guidance as a “long bureaucratic memo” issued by the “Department of Justice and many other agencies of the executive branch overseen by He Who Cannot Be Troubled to Leave Martha’s Vineyard.”

Mr. Obama has come under fire for sticking to his two-week golf vacation on Martha’s Vineyard instead of taking time to survey the flooding in the Baton Rouge area, which has left 13 dead.

I’m sorry but our President is a total and complete ASSHAT. Him and his administration are nothing but big trouble making a-holes using America as a playground to divide and conquer.

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