Obama Tries to Steal 112,000 Sq Miles from Alaska for a ‘Climate Resilience Area’ with Executive Order!

Obama and the climate change hoax perpetrators are at it again using an executive order to steal state land from Alaska and they aren’t having it!

The Alaska Congressional Delegation slammed the soon to be EX-President for his latest insanity.

“This is the first time we have ever seen the term ‘climate resilience area’ in Alaska or anywhere else,” Senator Lisa Murkowski said. “We have no idea what that designation is supposed to mean, what legal authority it is supposed to rest on, what the limitations for it will be, or what it will mean for subsistence, shipping, fishing, and other activities in western and northern Alaska.”

Don’t ya know Senator Murkowski, neither the soon to be EX-President, nor the liberals, could care less about ramifications as long as it suits their agenda? It’s the old “Ends justifies the means” mentality.

The Senator went on:

To me, this sure sounds like a euphemism for a marine monument, because it locks up over 112,000 square miles of Alaska waters and seems destined to impact a wide range of communities, tribes, and industries in our state. While I strongly support meaningful consultation with tribes, this opens the door to a whole host of unknowns, and could easily be misapplied to block even the most responsible Arctic subsistence, activities, and development.”

So this here 112,000 square miles includes tribal land…here we go again! Maybe we need to send some Texans up there to help protect their land from the insane overreaching fingers of the soon to be EX-President Obama!

Alaskan Congressman Don Young smacks back at the soon to be EX-President Obama hard:

“Thank God the Obama Administration only has 42 days left in office; we will be working to undo this action come January 20th,” said Congressman Don Young. “This is just another example of federal agencies attempting to exert their authority over the Alaskan and American people. Not only does this leave me extremely worried about future economic activity in the region, including fisheries, I see it as a backdoor attempt to limit certain activities north of the Bering Strait – like future resource development. We’ve already seen a costly and overly prescriptive regulatory regime for the Arctic, and this action leaves the door wide open for even more roadblocks and hurdles. Even worse, I’ve already heard from many in the Alaska Native community that this came as a complete surprise – a total contradiction to the President’s own policy on consultation. As President Obama attempts to solidify his legacy as an extreme environmentalist, it’s clear he has very little respect for the Alaskan people and our economic future.”

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