Obama’s Covert Importation of Middle East and African Refugees Through UPS

It’s a dark night at the airport, and the red-eye from Iraq to the United States is taxiing to the farthest side of the embarkation area. Maybe the lights are dim, but if you look closely you can make out the hunched figures of men coming down the gangway of the plane. A nearby bus quickly fills up and takes off, as mysteriously as the plane that had landed just minutes before.

That’s the story being told by Combat Veterans For Congress, which is alleging that the US is shipping refugees into international US airports through UPS airplanes to circumvent the vetting process.

If true, it would mean that innumerable thousands of unvetted and potentially dangerous refugees are coming to the United States with out any stringent oversight, besides the cursory glance of nervous plane captains and a few stewards.

Combat Veterans For Congress is alleging that Obama is shipping unvetted refugees into international airports through UPS shipping planes.

By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to view a video explaining how UPS 757 Aircraft, retrofitted to carry passengers, have been landing late in the evenings, under the cover of darkness, on the far side of the US International Airports, where they unload bus-loads of Middle East and African Refugees, who do not go through the required Customs and Border Protection screening, then those refugees are driven out of the airport to locations unknown—we have been receiving reports from former pilots of those flights for over a year, whom opposed those flights and quit piloting them.

Source: Combat Veterans For Congress

To pull off such a scheme would take the cooperation of multiple government and private organizations. The Left-leaning mainstream media would never report any breech of silence or interview anyone claiming to have been a participant of the scheme. The possibility of such a government conspiracy is not beyond the realm of possibility, but without further investigation, the question remains open.

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