Obama’s Destructive Legacy


They gave comfort to our enemies and terrorized our friends.

They allowed, even promoted, the proliferation of terrorism, war and nuclear weapons, calling themselves peacemakers. The world is aflame with no end in sight.

They insulted and assaulted our military and law enforcement people: reprobates harassing the honorable. They defunded and maligned our volunteer warriors, abusing them again when they came home wounded and broken.

They funded the murder of babies in the womb and almost destroyed the greatest health care system in the world.

And they engaged every form of lawlessness imaginable

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At this very minute, they are trying to injure the president-elect and his new administration, working against the peaceful transfer of power.

The verdict of history is sometimes slow in coming, but in this case, it has already been written — Obama and his henchmen are guilty of crimes against the American people and against all humanity, liars and lawbreakers, enemies within.

Thank God the long winter is over, and spring is coming. Thank God the republic lives, despite Obama and his allies.

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H/T: westernjournalism.com

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