Obama's Humiliated By Hometown Paper After They Begged Trump To Help With THIS Mess


President Barack Obama and other Democrats have long considered Chicago and traditional media to be safe allies. Surprisingly, a scathing newspaper editorial from the former president’s liberal hometown is calling that assumption into question.

The editorial board of the Chicago Tribune recently had harsh words for both Obama and former Sen. Harry Reid over the appalling mismanagement of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage proposal.

That remote location in Nevada has been selected to store spent nuclear fuel. Instead, the previous administration delayed and derailed the project — and Chicago residents were directly affected by the meddling.


“One of those (Yucca Mountain) opponents, alas, was Harry Reid, who for 10 years was Senate Democratic leader and in a position to get his way,” explained the Chicago Tribune editorial board. “As president, Barack Obama gave Reid exactly what he wanted, closing down the entire effort.”

Stopping the waste storage plans may have gained the Democrats short term political points with left-wing environmentalists, but it also angered many people in Obama’s home state of Illinois.

“Illinois has more of the spent fuel than any other state — including 1,000 tons at Zion, on the shore of Lake Michigan,” the editorial explained. “The 79,000 tons of existing nuclear waste, after all, have to be stashed somewhere.”


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“Right now, that somewhere consists of dozens of sites across the country, including the mothballed plant in Zion,” stated the editorial. “This haphazard approach makes no sense from the standpoint of safety or security. On the contrary, it creates unnecessary risk of environmental disasters and terrorist attacks — unlike the formidably impregnable Yucca Mountain.”

A common criticism of the Yucca Mountain storage plan contends that the site is unsafe or bad for the environment. However, experts have confirmed that these alarmist fears are unfounded.

During the Obama administration, both the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission gave their approval to the project. The NRC’s report found that there would be no significant environmental impact over a staggering one million year period.

The Chicago Tribune went even further than calling out Obama, and suggested that President Donald Trump should act soon to fix the situation.


“With Reid finally retired and Republicans in control of Congress, now is the time to get it done,” the newspaper declared. “Yucca Mountain is the only viable alternative to the jury-rigged status quo. We hope the Trump administration and Congress will revive it.”

H/T The Daily Caller

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