Obama’s Last Chance To Betray America

Barack Obama campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton. There was no mistaking that he considered Hillary his 3rd term.

One of the most important issues debated during the election was the direction of the Supreme Court. Hillary and Obama terrified their supporters with the idea Donald Trump would appoint 1-3 new justices.

Tilting the balance to the conservative side for the next generation. For liberals like Obama and Hillary this was not supposed to happen. They believed they were poised to appoint new liberal justices forever tilting the balance of the court to the left.

It is, was, and will forever be a liberal dream to remake the Supreme Court.

But the country decided, we voted, and the liberal dream is over. The Supreme Court will remain conservative. Unless…

Obama betrays America tomorrow by making Merrick Garland a recess appointment to the Supreme Court.

According to The Washington Times, Mr. Obama’s chance will come just before noon, on Jan 3rd 2017.

The Senate will gavel the 114th Congress out of session. Technically this is a recess.

The Senate will gavel in the 115th Congress within minutes. So, Obama has literally 5 minutes to defy the will of the people and tilt the balance of the Supreme Court.

If that happens conservatives will be up in arms. The appointment will only last 1 year and the republican Senate can nominate a new candidate (the dems would filibuster) which would set up a protracted battle between liberal and conservatives in DC before Trump even gets in office.

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