Obama’s Plane Takes Weird Detour, Hours Later Trump Got VERY Bad News

We know Obama is up to no good, and one of his latest moves proves he is doing more than just being a tourist during his post-presidency days.

Questions of impropriety are being raised. Judge Watson, who overruled Trump’s travel ban, is a long time friend of former President Obama, and Obama detoured to Hawaii just prior to the judge issuing his decision, via Hawaii News Now.

Citizen journalists are uncovering new leads and dark connections as the media remain silent on the possible conspiracy against President Trump.

Barrack Obama was spotted at an upscale restaurant in Hawaii less than 24 hours before District Judge Derrick Kahala Watson issued his ruling against the travel ban.

The restaurant was mere minutes away from the court house, ensuring ample time where the former president could have met the judge to influence his decision.

Obama and Watson have other connections. The two were classmates at Harvard, and Obama appointed the judge to his current position just a few years ago in 2012.

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What is even more troubling is how the judge was able to issue his ruling so quickly. Within two hours of hearing the case, Watson released a 43-page ruling. There is simply no way he would have been able to write such a complex legal decision so quickly.

It appears that Watson was prepared to reverse the travel ban, and he had his decision ready before he even heard the case. Since it is possible he met with Obama hours before issuing the decision, many are concerned that the former president influenced his old friend—in case anyone needed further evidence of a shadow government behind the scenes.

Since leaving office, Obama has committed to leading an insurgency against President Trump. Fox Insider reported that Obama is now living in a $5.3 million mansion in Washington D.C. where he plans to lead the “nerve center” in the insurgency against Trump.

If true, this would be an unprecedented level of political meddling from a former president. We have a tradition of a peaceful transition of power, and Obama and the deep state are violating that tradition in order to wage a secret war against our duly elected president. This is the behavior of a dictator, and it is unacceptable in a free society.

The people have spoken, and they have decided that the failed policies of Barrack Obama cannot remain. Now, Obama is violating all of the principles of the American republic to preserve his legacy — and to ensure the swamp retains control of Washington.


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