Off-Duty Hero Cop Takes Matters Into His Own Hands When Thief Makes Huge Mistake Reaching For "Weapon" In Texas Mall ⋆ US Herald

Why anyone would risk their life for a pair of sunglasses at a Texas Mall on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, is a question reserved for the witless wanna-be thief who actually faced off with a police officer brandishing a “fake pistol” and got shot for his stupidity.

The incident took place at “The Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas when the alleged suspect apparently ripped off a pair of shades at the Sunglass Hut Store within the mall.

Police spokesman Lt. Christopher Cook told WFAA-TV police received a call Sunday Afternoon around 4:30 regarding the theft and immediately responded by dispatching police officers to investigate.

However before police officers could arrive on the scene, another police officer who happened to be off-duty shopping, confronted the thief who foolishly pulled out a “weapon” pointing it at the officer, who quickly responded by firing several rounds at the suspect hitting him at least once.

Lt. Christopher Cook said after the shooting officers realized the weapon was not real.

“He produced what we believe to be an imitation or fake replica style gun,” Cook said. “There’s no way an officer or even a citizen could distinguish between the two.”

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The suspect was taken to the hospital for surgery; his condition was not immediately available as of this writing.

APD released three still images from the video, which chronicles the entire shooting event which began on the escalator between the first and second level of the mall, which also depicts at least 3-officers at the scene after the shooting rendering aid to the wounded suspect.

Edgar Cabriales works at a kiosk on the second level and described to WFAA what he witnessed.

“I hear a guy saying ‘hey’ and I was just like looking at him and he literally just pulled a gun, try to shoot a cop because the cop was ride beside my kiosk,” Cabriales said.

Do you think the suspect was either on drugs or perhaps suicidal for confronting an armed police officer with a fake handgun?


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