Ohio State University’s “Interfaith” Prayer Room Contains Qurans But No Bibles


What was to be a so-called “Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room” at Ohio State University has turned into a veritable Muslim prayer room stocked with five Qurans but zero Christian Bibles.

That doesn’t sound very “interfaith.”

In a report for The College Fix, it was revealed that last month that the university’s student government passed a resolution asking campus administrators to provide “reasonable religious accommodations” for the room.


Instead of stocking it with a variety of texts and conveniences — the Christian and Jewish scriptures, the Hindu Śruti, the Buddhist Tripitaka, etc. — the school chose to fill the room with an assortment of Islamic gear, including Korans and prayer rugs.

Of course, it seemed like this unbalanced approach was exactly what the student government had sought.

“The purpose of this resolution is to show the administration that having religious accommodations, like prayer mats, are (sic) supported by multiple faith groups and by the student body,” Anthony Buss, the student government’s director of diversity and inclusion, said in an email.


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In fact, according to the resolution, the student groups that supported “comfortable flooring and reasonable religious accommodations” included the Native American and Indigenous Peoples Cohort, the Buddhist Study and Practice Group, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association, the Muslim Students Association, the Sikh Students Association and the Christian Bible study and fellowship.

Apparently, everybody felt like turning the room into a prayer room for Muslims — which was exactly what it ultimately became. Note also that the room featured an ablution room so Muslims could wash themselves before they prayed.

The tragic irony was that the student government had — perhaps without realizing it — given Islamic terrorist Abdul Artan exactly what he desired. Last November this former OSU student “plowed a car into a campus crowd and stabbed people with a butcher knife in an ambush that ended when a police officer shot him dead,” according to NBC News.

Moreover, the attack came only months after he complained to the university’s student newspaper that the school lacked adequate prayer facilities for Muslims.


This is not to say that establishing an actual interfaith prayer room was bad — the opposite is true. It’s just that the “Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room” at OSU was anything but interfaith.

H/T The Daily Caller

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