One SIGNIFICANT Thing Was Missing From Trump’s Inaugural Speech…

As I sat and listened to Trump’s inauguration speech, I could not help but immediately notice the stark contrast between his speech and the speeches of Barack H. Obama.

Upon its completion, I counted the “I’s” in the speech and managed to come up with only three, a far cry from the dozens of “I’s” regularly appearing in Obama speeches.

And, amazingly, every time Trump used an “I,” it was done unavoidably, to show his support of We the People.

In fact, it was the word “We” that Trump used more often than not, solidifying the theme that he is indeed one of us and will finally turn the government over to We the People, the way it was always meant to be.

When you hear the pundits discuss the speech, you realize that they heard what they wanted to hear, not what Trump actually said.

Was this the greatest inaugural address of all time? Far from it, but it may have been the most muscular, the most powerful, and more importantly, the most needed.

Leftist pundits and Trump’s detractors called it a dark speech that preached more doom and gloom. I call “gloom and doom” honesty.

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Instead of rhetoric, Trump called out the very people sitting on the dais and in the crowd. Right there and then, Trump held them accountable to the people of this country, including the outgoing president, for what they have done to our nation.

Trump gave us an honest picture of what is going on in this country right now and what he plans to do about making it great again. For those of us looking for change, it was truly inspirational.

The most important thing I took from this speech, though, was that Trump was not going to back down from his campaign stances even though he knows he is in for a fight and resistance, even within his own party.

This speech terrified the elite, and it should have. Patriots, OUR government is about to go through a monumental overhaul that is about much more than just draining the swamp. I see it, you see it, and now the rest of the world is about to see it.

America is back!


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