Online Polls Show Overwhelming Winner Of First Presidential Debate

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was the hands-down winner of Monday’s presidential debate, according to online polls conducted by CNBC and Time magazine.

Trump came out on top over Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at 67 percent to 33 percent according to CNBC

According to Time, Trump was the winner at 55 percent over Clinton’s 45 percent.

“Trump won hands down,” commented Brian Earl on CNBC‘s poll. “Not in the debate itself but after. He did well in the first half of the debate, lost a little in the second half, but after it was over Hillary vacated so fast the camera man was running trying to keep up. Trump stayed with his wife and daughter and answered questions for a good 20 minutes. He also referenced a Clinton (ad) on the birther issue. CNN pulled up the Wolf (Blitzer) clip and proved she was (lying).”

Others saw the candidates’ performance as a window to their character.

“Hillary looked smug during the entire debate, and she has a fake smile,” commented Kendoaz. “I give her credit for not falling over and lasting 90 minutes. Hillary looked fake, had prepared lines and did good remembering them, but we don’t want fake we want the truth. I’m tired of politicians BS and Trump just delivers well. With Trump it looks like it comes from the heart, not a paid political junkie. I bet the next debate Trump will be on the attack more, he let her off the hook a few times.”

Many viewers found there to be a heavy hand of bias in the debate.

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“Where was the discussion about illegal immigration? That’s the number 1 issue in the election. Where was the discussion about radical islamic terrorism? That’s the number 2 issue in the election. Hillary and the 3rd debater, Lester Holt, spent most of the time trying to play “gotcha” with Donald Trump,” commented Tom Johnson. “Holt tried to rebut Trump 41 times. He only followed up with Hilary 7 times. Hilary came across as a smug, pompous insider politician. Trump came across as a leader.”

Others felt the media bias was present during the post-debate spin cycle.

“What was pathetic was the spin room reporters of ABC, NBC and CBS immediately after the debate. My God those people have no shame and ran to tell us all how bad Trump did, how Trump failed, never saying any bad about Secretary Clinton’s performance. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at anything the media does this cycle, but it was sickening to watch,” commented Rockerfeller.

Fox News, in fact, noted that online polls showed Trump largely being cited as the winner, but the media analysis of the debate largely gave the victory to Clinton.

Trump himself gave Clinton a grade of  C+ for her performance.

“I thought she was very bad in the first half when they were asking normal questions,” he said, “and when they were asking bad questions she did better.”

Trump said he had planned to hit the Democratic nominee on her husband Bill Clinton’s infidelities but in the end could not bring himself to do so in front of their daughter, Chelsea Clinton. “See, I do have a heart,” he said.

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