OUCH: Prison Officials Find Hilarious Way to “Torture” Inmates Using Hillary Speeches

Imagine the horror of being forced to listen to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speak.

Yet that exact scenario allegedly played out in one of the nation’s federal prisons, where four female inmates swore that their guards forced them to listen to Clinton’s convention speech.

“On the night of Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, special accommodations were made, where every television in the housing units were placed on the channel where her speech was televised,” the inmates claimed in a suit filed in federal court, according to The Washington Times.

And then afterward, they were reportedly not allowed to watch GOP candidate Donald Trump’s speech. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

The suit also demanded that the case be attached to the multi-state lawsuit against President Barack Obama’sdeportation amnesty. The suit identified the four inmates as staunch opponents of illegal immigration and claimed that many of the illegal immigrants at the facility where they were housed often spoke openly about their plans to re-enter the nation after being deported.

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“Every illegal alien prisoner at FMC Carswell states that as soon as they are released they are coming right back to the United States because President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not going to deport them,” they claimed.

The women also complained that most of the guards and inmates at the facility supported Clinton and often accosted them “in a hostile manner” over their differing political views.

I would give these women a round of applause for taking a brave stand if it weren’t for a couple of pesky little facts: One of them was was serving time for having smuggled illegal immigrants into the United States, while another was behind bars for fraud.

Sorry, ladies, but any sympathy I had for you just flew right out of the window. As much as I hate bias, the fact is that you made your own beds and must now lie in them. Sleep tight, don’t let the pro-Hillary bed bugs bite.

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