OUTRAGE: Media Won’t Report What Democrats Did While NYC Was Being Bombed

While much of the country waited apprehensively on Sunday for more news regarding the two bombings and multiple unexploded bombs found in New York and New Jersey over the weekend, the leaders of the liberal Hollywood entertainment industry gathered in Los Angeles to pat themselves on the backs while handing out Emmy awards.

Instead of addressing what has now been confirmed to be what we immediately and intuitively suspected — terrorist attacks in the homeland by radical Islamic jihadists — the liberal entertainers instead made it a point to time and again rip on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his tough stance against just such a thing.

According to Breitbart, Trump could arguably be declared the overall winner of the Emmy awards, as his name was mentioned more often than anybody else’s, though not necessarily in a good way.

From host Jimmy Kimmel to numerous award presenters and recipients, Trump was roundly bashed by the purportedly “tolerant” liberals, particularly regarding his proposed policy on tough and thorough vetting of immigrants from nations that historically have had problems with radical Islamism.

Lo and behold, it appears that the bombings in New York City and New Jersey were perpetrated by a naturalized immigrant originally from Afghanistan, someone who perhaps may not have gained entry into the country if a policy such as the one suggested by Trump had been in place previously.

Maybe these would have been different if the event were being held in New York instead of Los Angeles. But probably not. These Hollywood fools are so full of themselves and sure that their liberal views are the only proper way to look at things that they essentially mocked the man with a plan that would keep them safe from those who wish to kill them.

Make no mistake, the jihadists couldn’t care less whether the throat they slit belongs to an “irredeemable” and “deplorable” right-winger or a “tolerant and accepting” leftist, as they are all Western infidel scum that must either convert, subjugate themselves or die a horrible death.

Perhaps after some radical Islamist successfully carries out a bombing campaign in L.A., God forbid, these blinder-wearing leftists will finally wake up and recognize the dangers of the world around us today, and cease mocking the man attempting to keep us safe.

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