Outrage: PBS Program Exposes Kids to Suicide Bombings


When you join the debate about taxpayer funding for the Public Broadcasting Service, consider this: One of PBS’s newest classroom lesson plans teaches kids to be sympathetic to radical Islamist suicide bombers.

According to GOP The Daily Dose, the series “Dying to be a Martyr” explores the mindset of Palestinians who aspire to blow themselves up, taking as many innocent people as possible with them. Students are at first introduced to, then led to identify with, the mindset of a “shaheed” (a suicide-attack martyr.)

Provided at no cost to classrooms across the nation, the series indoctrinates students slowly, first giving an overview of different world religions — Judaism, Islam and Christianity — and their history.


Students then focus on two Muslim would-be suicide bombers: Majdi Amer, a 25-year-old who built a bomb that killed 17 people and wounded 50 more on a bus in Haifa in 2003, and 18-year-old Mohanned Abu Tayyoun, who aspired to be a suicide bomber but instead now sits in an Israeli jail, according to Breitbart.

The series lends sympathy to the would-be terrorists as it describes their twisted beliefs that a suicide bomber will attain status in heaven and honor among their earthly families.

The Israeli point of view is not represented, and the lesson plans do not instruct teachers to denounce or even just balance the radical viewpoint of the suicide bombers, according to TheBlaze.


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One of the project activities calls for students to “investigate other methods of protest in the Middle East by examining vandalism-type art” on Israel’s West Bank and to compare this with graffiti on the Berlin Wall, according to the PBS curriculum, via Grand Valley State University.

As early as 2002, PBS began glorifying suicide bombers. An article published in March of that year, “Making Martyrs,” described suicide bombers as heroes who have the support and blessing of their families and communities.

We try so hard to shield our children from concepts beyond their comprehension. It’s hard to imagine how the phrase “suicide bomber” has become such a part of everyday life.

Harder still to grasp is the twisted agenda of exposing impressionable teenagers to the innermost workings of perverted, radical Islamic logic. Young people are prone to admirable idealism, but it isn’t always positive. To knowingly bring terrorism into the realm of the possible is reckless and irresponsible.


Your tax dollars at work, folks.

President Donald Trump has made it clear that de-funding PBS is on his radar. After word about this lesson plan gets around, he should have a lot more support. We don’t need to be funding this nod to radical violence in any way, shape or form. Ever.

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