Patriot Prayer Group Drops Jaws After Requesting 1 Thing as Antifa Assaults Them


The media assumptions about the so-called “alt right” are falling apart.

Mainstream journalists and liberal politicians have tried to paint almost every conservative group as “fascist” while ignoring violent acts from groups like the so-called “antifa”… but a statement from a prominent free speech organizer is turning that narrative upside down.

The founder of the right-leaning Patriot Prayer group just made a stunning request to his supporters: Love thy enemy, even when they’re assaulting you.


On Sunday, Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson asked everyone involved in his group to stay positive in the face of anger and fists.

“It takes courage to take a beating, to take a beating and to not respond in hatred, but to respond in love,” Gibson said on Facebook, according to The Washington Times.

“This is how we will win over Portland. This is how people will turn on antifa, and we will finally have a right, a privilege to march in Portland, or any of these areas, once the left and the media begin to call them out,” he continued.


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Gibson was on the receiving end of the far-left “antifa” group’s rage last week, when he and another organizer were assaulted with pepper spray while peacefully demonstrating in California.

Hilariously, liberal figures including Nancy Pelosi had previously condemned Patriot Prayer as a “white supremacist rally,” despite the fact that many of the group’s organizers are not white, and the organization has repeatedly condemned racism.

Gibson invoked famous leaders such as Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. in his call for non-violent demonstrations.

“So many people were so disgusted about how they treated us. The liberals were literally standing around with peace signs and love signs while antifa is just yelling and cussing and beating the crap out of us and pepper-spraying us,” he recalled.


By turning the other cheek, Gibson and Patriot Prayer have accomplished something important: They’ve revealed “antifa” as the violent fascists they truly are, while proving that President Donald Trump was 100 percent right to call out violence “on many sides” in the wake of Charlottesville.

The far left are the true fascists in America. One incident at a time, that reality is being revealed.

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