Phony ‘Navy Officer’ Arrested In Stolen Valor Scam Involving Veterans And Cash!

It’s not often that someone is found impersonating a member of the military, but when it happens the justice that comes down is harsh and swift.

That’s what happened to a man in Tampa, Florida who was found impersonating a Navy officer and soliciting money from patrons of a grocery store. That man is Freemane Brown, and he apparently purchased a uniform, medallions, patches and other military paraphernalia from an Army-Navy store and then began going around asking for donations for veterans.

The owner of the grocery store was surprised when police told her that Brown had been impersonating a veteran for his own benefits. She thought that he was working for a legitimate cause.

Apparently Brown was being very aggressive as he approached people and told them he was a veteran and was seeking donations. Perhaps it was the patch on his uniform which identified him as a commander, or the 21 other patches and insignia on his uniform which gave him away.

According to police, when Brown’s farce was finally unveiled he willingly gave up the uniform and turned himself in. Unfortunately, Brown likely didn’t realize that impersonating a member of the military carries with it a felony charge. He was booked into the Hillsborough county jail and is awaiting sentencing.

h/t: WFLA

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