Photos: He's the "Most Armed Man" in America… and Look What He Drives


Red-blooded Americans love the Second Amendment, some more than others. In fact, if you were to call yourself the “most armed man” in this great country, you’d have to have a pretty impressive resume.

For my money, Mel Bernstein is the front-runner. He’s earned the sobriquet “Dragon Man,” which certainly takes some work. But that’s just for starters. Consider this: He drives a flame-throwing motorcycle with handlebar-mounted machine guns.

Yes, he is that awesome.


“Today we’re going to explain why they call me the most armed man in America,” Bernstein said in a video for Hot Brass and Bullets.

Bernstein took the crew on a tour around Dragon Land, his 260-acre gun lover’s paradise in El Paso County, Colorado. As you can see above, it sports its own firing range.


That isn’t all.

According to the U.K. Sun, it also has a paintball course, a gun shop licensed to sell automatic weapons, and 80 military vehicles, like this one here.

Oh, and this one.

That’s not all of the patriotism you’ll experience out in El Paso County, however.

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“I have weapons so big I can’t even shoot them,” the Dragon Man said. Or drop them from a plane, in some cases.

“Look at these machine guns, everything works, fully operational,” Bernstein said while giving a tour of his automatic weapon room.

“I have almost 200 of them on my name. I don’t think anyone in the U.S. has that many guns in their name,” Bernstein added.


Bernstein served in the Army during the Vietnam War, between 1965 and 1966. He’s not a Colorado native, actually hailing from one of the bluest areas of a one of our bluest states: Brooklyn, New York. After the service, he opened a motorcycle repair shop. He moved out to Colorado in 1982.

We know what you want to see, though — so here you have it.

All right, just one more.

I wonder if I can talk my wife into getting one of these as my daily driver. I mean, we’re looking to have kids, but there appears to be plenty of room in the saddle for a child seat…

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