Police Officers Walked Into Walmart And DENIED Service At Checkout While Employees Laughed!

Ahhhhh sunny Florida. A tropical paradise untouched by the rest of the world…. except for Black Lives Matter bullcrap! In St Cloud a WALMART employee decided it would be fun to haze an on-duty police officer. Local Channel 9 WFTV confirmed from both the local police department and Walmart that it did indeed happen.

So the story goes that a police officer finished his shopping at the local Walmart and stands in line to make his purchases. Unfortunately the bigoted cashier was NOT going to let this officer in uniform have a nice day. When it was his turn to checkout the female clerk pointed out her skin color (presumably black) and then told him that she wouldn’t allow him to buy his items.

A second employee reportedly laughed at the way that the officer was treated.

I think instead of Black Lives Matter they should call the movement…. ALL-That-Matters-Is-Skin-Color. This is ridiculous that one of our men in blue should have to put up with this at a Walmart of all places. The corporate office said that “This is an unfortunate situation, but we cannot comment on an active HR investigation.”

That sounds like corporate is just blowing hot air and are probably not going to do anything about it. 1 of 2 things needs to happen… BOTH those ladies need to be fired from Walmart and be put on a 911-Emergency Do-NOT-Respond-To-Emergencies list OR if Walmart Corporate doesn’t fire them THEY should be put on the list and they can handle their own shoplifters and bomb scares!


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