POLL: Do You Think Fox News Treated Bill O’Reilly Poorly?

It is a sad day for America when we lose a great personality. We will miss you, Mr. O’Reilly.

Fox News was once a courageous organization that stood against the mainstream media and their shameless bullying. Unfortunately, Fox News succumbed to leftist bullying, and because of that, lost one of their greatest assets.

The Left is known for bullying tactics. Rather than have an honest debate, they would rather resort to name-calling and rumors. Why is that?

Is it because without name-calling, they have no actual policies? There is nothing attracting people to the Left. People are not born leftist; they are brainwashed.

This is because our education system only teaches liberalism. We need more conservative teachers and we need more conservative speakers.

For too long, we have let the Left indoctrinate our children. Because of this, our kids grow up to believe everything the mainstream media says. The mainstream media tries to brand conservatives as “intolerant.” Another tactic is to use unproven claims to smear our fellow patriots.

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The lawsuits that Bill O’Reilly had to deal with were all unproven claims. The Left doesn’t care about that bit of information, though.

A settlement is not an admission of guilt. The existence of a lawsuit does not mean the claim is true. We have this thing called “court,” Liberals.

The people in charge of Fox News really dropped the ball on this one. It is almost like they want to be the mainstream media. How sad!

We should petition Fox News to rehire Mr. O’Reilly, but the damage is already done. Mr. O’Reilly was robbed of his day in court, and it is all because his bosses threw him under the bus. I would say let’s boycott Fox News, but that is what the Left does, and we are better than that. We don’t need to resort to liberal tactics. When they go low, we go high! Right, Michelle?

The solution is to make sure that this does not happen again, which is why we are covering this story so much. We need to send a message to Fox News that we do not want them to succumb to liberal bullying. There is nothing “fair and balanced” about their decision!


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