POLL: Trump Moves Against Every Muslim In America. Do You Support?

The Muslim community believes that women’s rights are secondary; actually, not even secondary, they don’t believe in women’s rights. Did you hear that, liberals?

President Trump and his Justice Department recently moved to outlaw female genital mutilation. Better yet, he has already started arresting the doctors performing this depraved procedure. (via Breitbart).

Thank you, Donald Trump. Finally, we can protect our girls from these demented practices. How has this gone unnoticed for so many years?

Our former president, Obama, helped enable this horrible practice to infest our great country. Because of his ridiculous policies, we now have entire communities of radical Islam practitioners hurting future American women. Disgusting!

Obama’s lax policies almost destroyed our great nation, but, thankfully, the silent majority has spoken. We elected Donald Trump — a man who will end this nonsense.

Where is the accountability? Why haven’t we jailed Obama for this radical Islam nightmare that is plaguing our country? The establishment and the leftist media would never let that happen.

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The mainstream media just loves to protect this criminal family. It blows my mind. The mainstream media hasn’t hired a real journalist in decades.

The good news is: we are starting to see the rise of the conservative media. The Internet is being populated with actual news, for once.

The mainstream media has been on smear campaign by trying to label right-wing media as “fake news.” We know this is not true because THEY are the liars, and have proven themselves so time and again.

The Muslim community has enjoyed the benefits of a leftist media campaign of “tolerance,” but we are finally starting to see the truth. These radical Islamic communities are butchering their own children. These are innocent children that had no choice. They were forced into this.

The Left is fine with this horrific behavior. The Left even wants to reassign genders to children before they even mature to adulthood. Can you imagine? A child is deprived of their natural gender without a say in the matter? Liberals are truly a barbaric group of anti-American traitors.


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