Pope Francis Gives Priests 30 Days to “Clearly Manifest Total Obedience to the Pope” or be Excommunicated

Pope Francis has spent more time campaigning for the liberal agenda than weeding out the liberal transgressors hiding in its midst assaulting young children.

But, then again, in Pope Francis’s defense, anything that encourages a total breakdown of morals and complete acceptance for any depraved act is technically part of the liberal agenda. So, why would he intervene on behalf of the Lord?

There is a reason Soros has poured millions into special interest groups working to convince Catholic Churches across the globe that Pope Francis is indeed a worshiper of God and not of Satan.

Pope Francis believes “ideological Christians” are destroying the Catholic Church, you “don’t need to believe in God” to go to heaven, that “populism is evil” and open borders and one society will be “heaven on earth”. Again, it calls into question who Pope Francis actually worships and by Heaven does he really mean Hell. For who desires to live in a world with unchecked crime where rape is just viewed as a “sexual emergency” as is happening in liberal socialist countries.

These words are a slap in the face to devote Catholics everywhere. No true follower of God would ever condone such blasphemes rhetoric that clearly contradicts the word of God. This situation is heightened by Pope Francis latest attack on true religion. This masquerading wolf seems to have confused the will of his Heavenly Father with that of his Hungarian Father, a Mr. George Soros.

Pope Francis shared a terrifying message last Thursday instructing all Catholic priests to put God 2nd as the Bible was no longer relevant and to instead OBEY with questioning his new revelation.

Pope Francis issued a shocking demand last Thursday to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ahiara in Nigeria. His letter comes in response to the violence breaking out over the appointment of Bishop Peter Okpalaek.

I think that, in this case, we are not dealing with tribalism, but with an attempted taking of the vineyard of the Lord. The Church is a mother and whoever offends her commits a mortal sin, it’s very serious. However, I decided not to suppress the Diocese. Instead, I wish to give some indications that are to be communicated to all: first of all it must be said that the Pope is deeply saddened. Therefore, I ask that every priest or ecclesiastic incardinated in the Diocese of Ahiara, whether he resides there or works elsewhere, even abroad, write a letter addressed to me in which he asks for forgiveness; all must write individually and personally.

We all must share this common sorrow. In the letter

1. one must clearly manifest total obedience to the Pope, and
2. whoever writes must be willing to accept the Bishop whom the Pope sends and has appointed.
3. The letter must be sent within 30 days, from today to July 9th, 2017. Whoever does not do this will be ipso facto suspended a divinis and will lose his current office.

This seems very hard, but why must the Pope do this? Because the people of God are scandalized. Jesus reminds us that whoever causes scandal must suffer the consequences. Maybe someone has been manipulated without having full awareness of the wound inflicted upon the ecclesial communion.

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Pope Francis is drawn to paradoxical arguments like Nigerian thugs to the priesthood and the new Papacy under George Soros.

Tribalism is not behind the violence in the permanently Muslim country of Nigeria, it’s Satan. The influence of Satan will disappear if they stop worshiping God and obey Pope Francis, who obeys his Hungarian Father.

But in America, peaceful tribalism or populism is the root of all evil and needs to stomp out just like true worship of the Heavenly Father. Pope Francis as even gone as far as to compare President Trump to Hitler!

The liberal elite and Pope Francis take the Catholic Church for fools. How else can you explain these blatant contradictions?

Let’s reexamine his statement that “we are not dealing with tribalism but with an attempted taking of the vineyard of the Lord.”

There is a reason God sent Jesus to the Earth, right? Reexamining the teachings of Jesus is what fueled the Renaissance, progress, and modern civilization. The strain of tribalism Pope Francis is referencing in regards to the Nigerian Diocese is not progressive. Yes, God could hypothetically be using tribalism to attack the Church. Yet, it stands to reason that the tools being used to attack the church ought to be dealt with instead of condoning to further personal control over the church.

Pope Francis’s decree is equivalent to saying rain is getting in the house because God is causing a storm, not because I left the window open in hopes it will ruin the couch so I can get a new one under the warranty.

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Source: Vatican 

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