Pregnant Woman FLOORED Men Won’t Offer Seat to Her. But When He Looks Up, She Reaches Into Bag…

Ricky Barksdale recently won a “#1 Decent Dude” trophy. You likely imagine he must have done something pretty incredible to receive such an award, right?

Barksdale has an impressive résumé consisting of experience as an Army veteran, actor, stuntman, and mixed martial artist. Yet, he did not need to use any special skills to earn the trophy.


Yvonne Lin awarded Barksdale with this trophy for a surprisingly simple reason. He offered his seat to Lin on the subway when he noticed she was pregnant.

Lin always had a congratulations card in her purse during her first pregnancy. She planned to give it to the first man who gave up his seat on the subway once she realized how shockingly rare this act of kindness was.

Lin has a daily, two-hour commute to work on the subway. As hard as it is to believe, considering the frequency of her rides on the subway, not one man her entire pregnancy offered her a seat.

She never got to hand out the congratulatory card. Interestingly, many women offered her a seat.

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I'm sitting on the train and there was a lady standing in front of me and I didn't realize she was pregnant, she's wearing all black so it was hard to tell, I got up immediately to give her my seat and she said wait I have something to give you and she handed me this trophy lol. she's been trying to give this trophy away for two months to see if any man would offer her a seat and had no luck till she came across me. #onlyinnyc #mtastories #mtastory #mta #subwaystories #newyorkcity #newyorkerlife #decentguy

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When she became pregnant a second time, she wanted the award to be greater than a card with the knowledge that she may never be able to hand it out for a second time. She created a custom trophy that read “#1 DECENT DUDE, First Man to Offer Subway Seat to Pregnant Woman throughout Two Pregnancies.”

Every single day for eight months, the trophy sat untouched in her work bag. Just when Lin lost almost all hope that she would encounter any “decent dudes” on the subway, Barksdale offered his seat to her.

Lin was pleasantly surprised and accepted his offer. She handed him the trophy, and Barksdale was, “adorably sweet and embarrassed,” to receive it, according to Lin.

Barksdale was shocked to find out he was the first man in almost two years to offer her a seat. Of course, he certainly did not think he deserved a trophy or any recognition for simply doing what seemed to be the reasonable action when a pregnant, elderly, or disabled person is forced to stand.

Were you as shocked as Lin, Barksdale, and we were to hear how unusual it was for a man to give up his seat on the subway? We would love to know what your reaction was to the rarity of men offering their seats on the subway when you share this story!

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