President Trump Delivers Nearly Half A Minute Long Salute To Tomb Of Former President Andrew Jackson


During a visit Wednesday to former President Andrew Jackson’s plantation in Tennessee, President Donald Trump spent at least 28 seconds standing perfectly still, saluting the deceased statesman’s tomb as taps played in the background.

He then reportedly placed a wreath on the tomb in honor of America’s seventh president — a man whom Trump has often likened to himself as per their blunt temperaments and shared mission to give voice to the frustrations of working-class Americans.

In a 10-minute speech following his salute of the former president’s tomb, Trump noted that, much like himself, Jackson had been a true “people’s president.”


“Andrew Jackson was the people’s president and his election came at a time when the vote was finally being extended to those who did not own property,” he said. “To clean out the bureaucracy, Jackson removed 10 percent of the federal workforce. He launched a campaign to sweep out government corruption totally. He didn’t want government corruption.”

“He expanded benefits for veterans,” he continued. He battled the centralized financial power that brought influence at our citizens’ expense. He imposed tariffs on foreign countries to protect American workers.”


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He added that if these acts by Jackson sounded familiar, there was a reason for it.

“Wait’ll you see what’s going to be happening pretty soon, folks,” he stated, referencing his plans to also cut the size of the federal government and help veterans, among other things.

Trump did point out that, though Jackson “was a military hero and genius and a beloved president,” he “was also a flawed and imperfect man, a product of his time.” This statement likely referenced the seventh president’s ownership of at least 150 slaves.


“It is the duty of each generation to carry on the fight for justice,” Trump continued. “My administration will work night and day to ensure that the sacred rights which God has bestowed on his children are protected for each and every one of you, for each and every American.”

Underlying the president’s speech was the contention that those who toil diligently everyday planting food, building homes and laboring on behalf of others form America’s true foundation.

“We must all remember Jackson’s words, that in the planter, the farmer, the mechanic and the laborer, we will find muscle and bone of our country,”  he concluded. “So true. So true.”

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