PROOF RELEASED – Russia “Scandal” BOGUS, Evidence Planted By…

It is becoming abundantly clear we need to launch a full-scale investigation into the Clinton Foundation and into the anti-American actions of Barack H. Obama.

Security experts are speaking out against the liberals’ claims that President Trump, or anyone involved in his campaign, was working with Russia. The private security agency Crowdstrike was hired by the Democrats to investigate who was behind the hack of the DNC server. The security group said they discovered the server was accessed by Fancy Bear, a hacking group working with the Russian government.

The Democrats blocked the FBI from accessing their servers, forcing the government to rely on Crowdstrike’s investigation. However, it has since been revealed that Crowdstrike fabricated information and planted evidence to bolster their claims of Russian interference, via Breitbart.

FBI Director James Comey, along with Shawn Henry, Crowdstrike’s president and a former FBI agent, will be forced to testify to the House Intelligence Committee in the coming weeks. Hopefully, they won’t try to lie under oath.

The reports produced by Crowdstrike have been the only source of information that the media and the FBI have had to support the Dems’ claim that the Russian government interfered with our election. Seeing as this report relied on flimsy and false connections, this whole Russian narrative was a complete sham.

The “evidence” that the Russians were behind the hack was simply that Russian language software was used during the hack. This does not support a connection to the Russian government. In fact, any hackers who wanted to hide their identity could simply include some Russian code, which anyone can find on the internet, just to make investigators think they were Russian. If the hackers were Russian, the last thing they would do is use their own language in the code.

It’s all clear now: Crowdstrike was hired by the Democrats to push the narrative that Russia interfered with our election to help Donald Trump become president. Instead of searching for the truth, the Democrats were busy creating a false narrative in an attempt to draw attention away from the damaging information revealed by the hack and subsequent leak.

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Security experts started to raise concerns over the legitimacy of the Crowdstrike reports, so the private security group launched new investigations to attempt to implicate Russia. Crowdstrike claimed that Fancy Bear was utilizing malware to sabotage Ukrainian artillery, including the loss of 80 percent of Ukraine’s D-30 Howitzers.

The report was parroted by the press time and again as sure-fire “proof” that Russia utilized cyber warfare to harm us, but it was all a lie. Honestly, they didn’t even do a good job of lying. Even the Ukrainian artillery officer, who invented the software that was used in the hack, criticized the Crowdstrike report. He flat-out told reporters, “This is a hoax to scare everyone and make us go back to the old methods of targeting fire.”

Not only was there no malicious software deployed, but the Ukrainian military has not lost the use of a single D-30 Howitzer, and they claim to be operating at full combat readiness — far from the 80 percent loss documented by Crowdstrike.

It is now clear that Crowdstrike partnered with a pro-Russian source to spread falsehoods that undermined the safety of the Ukrainian people. Crowdstrike has been shown multiple times to make false reports, yet they are still the only source connecting Russia to the DNC hack.

The mainstream media don’t care about the errors in the Crowdstrike reports. They are dedicated to pushing the narrative that President Trump colluded with Russia, and they will ignore all evidence that does not align with that goal. It’s up to us to hold their feet to the fire.


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