REPORT: Here Are 5 Mind-Blowing Facts From FBI Report On Hillary… Number 3 Is UNREAL

Last week, the FBI released its report on their interview with Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and it contained many damaging revelations that are sure to send Clinton’s poll numbers crashing down.

There were many important facts that were brought to light by the FBI report. The Daily Caller compiled a list of 23 revelations, and we have selected the five most important ones for you. They are listed out below.

1. There were at least 40 instances during Clinton’s interview with the FBI where she insisted that she “could not recall” various details of her time as secretary of state.

Clinton cited her 2012 concussion as a reason for some of this memory failure, yet publicly she continues to insist she is in perfect health.

2. Clinton also claimed during the FBI interview that she didn’t know that a “C” marking on documents meant that the information in the document was confidential.

Most civilians know that a big red “C” means classified/confidential, but the person who wants to be in charge of the entire country had no clue.

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3. As secretary of state, Clinton also decided that it would be a great idea to email President Barack Obama while he was overseas. This is major no-no in security circles because these emails were very vulnerable to foreign-based hackers who could easily hack into and read whatever was being discussed.

4. In addition to thousands of missing emails, during the FBI’s investigation agents were also unable to find all the devices Clinton used as secretary of state, meaning that potential incriminating evidence could still be out there somewhere.

5. During the investigation, the FBI recovered 17,448 emails that the Clinton camp had not turned over to the State Department. Many of these emails were work-related, disputing Clinton’s claim that she turned over allwork-related emails.

Clinton’s poll numbers had already been falling before this report came out, and as a result of these important findings they are likely to drop even further. The facts released by the FBI prove that Clinton is not fit to be the president of the United States — she isn’t even fit to run her own business.

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