Republicans Could Begin Impeachment Right Now

The FBI failed to recommend that charges be brought against Hillary for using her private email server to transmit classified intelligence.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

Republicans could hold her accountable right now.

Writing in National Review, Andrew McCarthy makes the case that Republicans could begin impeachment proceedings against Hillary Clinton.

He writes:

“Since the newly revealed e-mails put the lie to Clinton’s always risible claim that these communications were unrelated to State Department business, they tend to be double-whammies. First, their substance is stunningly corrupt, often showing how she and her staff ran the State Department as an annex of the Clinton Foundation, the enterprise Bill and Hillary used to monetize political influence to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Second, even the most innocuous of the e-mails that concern State Department business illustrate that Clinton brazenly lied to Congress and the public for over a year: maintaining that the destroyed e-mails involved yoga, Chelsea’s wedding, and other personal matters, not the operations of government.

Mrs. Clinton’s audacity has caught the attention of two congressional committees, whose chairmen have noticed that the new revelations show she quite intentionally misled lawmakers in House testimony. (The testimony pertained to the Benghazi massacre, another “old” Clinton scandal, if you’re keeping score.) Last week, those chairmen — Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) and Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.) of, respectively, the Oversight and Judiciary Committees — penned a letter to the Justice Department asking that Clinton be investigated and prosecuted for perjury.”

While McCarthy believes it will be nearly impossible to make a perjury case stick against Hillary, he argues that the Republicans still have the Constitutional option available at their disposal.

 “Republicans keep telling us they are “constitutional conservatives.” Well, how about it? The remedy provided by the Framers to deal with corrupt executive-branch officials (including former officials who might seek to wield power again) is impeachment, not criminal prosecution. That is because, for the well-being of the nation, the critical thing is that power be stripped from those who abuse it, to prevent them from doing further damage. Whether, beyond that, they are prosecuted for any criminal offenses arising out of the wrongdoing is beside the point.”

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McCarthy writes that if the shoe was on the other foot, there is no doubt the Democrats would move to impeach the GOP nominee:

“Oh, one last thing. Let’s say the roles were reversed: The Democrats hold congressional majorities, and their presidential nominee is the dodgy real-estate mogul, while the Republicans are running a demonstrably corrupt former secretary of state. Would the Democrats have the slightest hesitation about impeaching the GOP candidate? I’m betting not only that the House would already have voted articles of impeachment; Senate Democrats would already have found the Republican votes they needed for conviction.”

But would the Republicans make such a move?

Some pundits blame the Republicans investigation into Bill Clinton’s lies as the reason why the GOP lost seats in the 1998 midterm elections.

But it did not stop George W. Bush from winning an Electoral College majority in the 2000 Presidential election.

Republican voters have rebelled against the Party establishment because they have refused to fight against the Democrats.

Republican leadership did achieve one noteworthy victory in the Obama years – the sequestration spending cuts which was part of the Budget Control Act negotiated with President Obama before raising the debt ceiling in 2011.

But Paul Ryan and other establishment Republicans negotiated a budget deal just two years later that eliminated the spending caps and spent even more money.

Republicans in Congress have voted to fund Obamacare, illegal executive amnesty – and the entire Obama agenda without lifting a finger in opposition.

Will they stand up to Hillary Clinton’s blatant corruption?

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