REVEALED: Obama Gave “Special Gift” to Islamic Radicals Just Before Trump Was Sworn-In

We cannot BELIEVE Obama thought he was going to get away with it. He has officially been busted!

In the last few hours of the Obama administration, he went against Republicans, and gave a staggering $221 million to the Palestinian Authority. This move was blocked time and time again, but Obama snuck it directly into the hands of Islamic radicals. (via Fox News)

The notification came through on January 20th, mere hours before President Trump took office. The $221 million was the lion’s share of what went out, but that wasn’t all. There was another $6 million sent from Obama doled out via foreign affairs. This money was used for overseas “climate change” programs, as well as programs within the United Nations.

As you would expect, of course, the aides involved in this transition couldn’t speak out on the issue. It follows that once this information came to light, they pretended to know nothing about it.

Obama tried for quite some time to send the money to Palestine. A majority of the people in our government didn’t want that to happen. Obama, in return, showed that he absolutely did NOT care what anyone else had to say.

$221 million could have done some good in our country. Instead, it was allocated to other countries. We have so many issues here! It’s almost like Obama did everything he could to leave us broke by blowing tons of taxpayer money toward the end of his administration.

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President Trump wasn’t happy to learn about what took place before he took office. He’s spoken out, and insisted he is supportive of Israel. He even invited the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit Washington.

President Trump won’t hand out taxpayer money like it grows on trees. He’s committed to our country being his top priority, and he needs to make sure we’re taken care of before helping other countries.

In the eight years that Obama was in office, we’ve seen obscene amounts of money going overseas. He spent eight years raising unemployment, raising taxes, and raising aid for other countries. Are you starting to see a problem here? The fact that he went so far as to sneak in that last payment is the equivalent of someone spitting in your face. We know we’re in good hands with President Trump, but that doesn’t make Obama’s insult sting any less.

Do you think Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had? Let America know.

Moving forward as a nation, Americans like us want to see even more focus on our country, and on individual communities. We’ve deserved this kind of attention for a long time, and now, it’s finally here. The Left is obviously going to be up in arms, but we’re not handing out money all over the world anymore, and they’re going to have to get over it. It’s time we worry about ourselves, and OUR COUNTRY!


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