Rogue Elector Who Tried to Stop Trump Receives WORST NEWS OF HIS LIFE

Last week, the Electoral College met to pass their votes for the next President of the United States; Donald Trump was officially elected and Hillary Clinton became the first woman to lose a presidential election twice.

But before all this, rogue Colorado elector Michael Baca attempted to start a movement to encourage his fellow electors to refuse to vote for Trump, and thereby steal the presidency from him.

Well, it obviously didn’t work. However, Baca likely never thought his fruitless efforts would backfire so tremendously, as he is now facing prison time.

According to MRC Blog, though Baca repeatedly claimed his movement had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, it has now been revealed that he was actually in contact with her campaign the entire time, exchanging numerous texts and emails with the Clinton camp.

Baca was caught emailing Clinton advisor Jake Sullivan back and forth, and texting Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri. “I know I will have done everything I could to stop Trump but I am just a guy at the end of the day,” Baca wrote. “Thank you so very much and I’ll trust whatever happens was the right decision.”

Politico explained the method behind Baca’s madness:

The strategy was simple, if virtually impossible to execute: persuade Democratic and Republican electors wary of Trump to unite behind a mainstream Republican alternative such as Ohio Gov. John Kasich or 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney. If they could persuade 37 of the 306 Republicans on the Electoral College to ditch Trump, the election would have been thrown to the GOP-controlled House of Representatives in January.

Of course, this never happened. The only loser after the Electoral College voted was Hillary Clinton, who more electors tuned on that Donald Trump, despite the media-fueled movement trying to keep him out of the White House.

Baca is facing prosecution in Colorado for casting his vote for Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich rather than Clinton. (Colorado state law dictates that electors must vote for the candidate who won their state.) How’s that for karma?

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