Rush Calls For Illegals To Be Granted Citizenship… With 1 Hilarious Stipulation

As the Democrats (and even some so-called Republicans) push for yet another round of amnesty far more reaching than DACA or anything the Trump administration has proposed, Rush Limbaugh is surprising everybody by joining the chorus of calls for illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship.

There’s just one hilarious stipulation he has, however: the newly-minted Americans can’t vote for 15 to 25 years.

El Rushbo made the proposal during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” where host Chris Wallace asked him about the state of immigration reform in the wake of the Senate voting down four separate proposals on it in the past week, including everything from the president’s proposal to the “bipartisan” McCain-Coons plan (which, much like McCain’s membership in the Republican party, was bipartisan in name only — and dead in the water the moment it was proposed, anyhow).

“On your radio show, you recently said that you would be  willing to grant citizenship to all of the dreamers in return for full funding for the border wall,” Wallace queried Limbaugh.

“And at a certain point, after a lot of pressure, the Democrats seemed to agree to that of the president demanded more. So what’s — what’s going on here?”

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Limbaugh said that his plan would “actually take a lot to unpack.

“I don’t — it’s a political issue that the Democrats do not want solved,” Limbaugh began.

“All this is, is an effort by the Democrat Party to provide for themselves a permanent underclass. They need a permanent underclass that is dependent on the government for their survival. That’s why they want illegal immigrants granted citizenship.

“They don’t want the issue solved. They don’t want any issue solved, legislatively or otherwise, before the 2018 elections,” Limbaugh continued. “And I think Trump is partially exposing that with the various different proposals that he’s making. He’s giving them pretty much what they want and they’re turning it down because they don’t want (it) solved.

Do you think a deal on immigration can be reached?

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Then, Limbaugh said he “would be willing right here to support an effort to grant permanent citizenship to whatever number of illegal immigrants there are in the country tomorrow if you will make as part of a deal they can’t vote for 15 to 25 years.

“And if they will agree to that, then I’ll grant them amnesty.”

Limbaugh said that the offer would expose the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party on the issue of immigration.

“Well, you see how many takers you get. You’ll get zero takers on that on the Democratic side,” Limbaugh said.

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Rush is definitely onto something here. Democrats would much rather have the immigration issue as a bludgeon than make any substantive deal on immigration, preferring instead to get what they want through stalling.

After all, this is a party whose unofficial slogan seems to be “demographics is destiny.” If illegal immigrants happened to be Republican-leaning, we would have built a wall 30 years ago and be enforcing immigration law with the utmost strictness.

In a way, I almost hope that the GOP proposes this, even if it’s almost totally undoable constitutionally. If the Trump administration and the Republican caucus in Congress is willing to give illegal immigrants currently here everything but the vote, it would get zero takers on the left side of the aisle– and prove what we’ve known all along about the opportunism of Democrats on immigration.

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