Rush Limbaugh Disputes Michelle Obama’s Claim That Clinton Is Among ‘Most Qualified’ Presidential Candidates Ever

Syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh dedicated a segment of his program on Tuesday to attempting to refute a claim made by first lady Michelle Obama during a recent campaign event for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Obama told a crowd of Clinton supporters in Charlotte, N.C., that Clinton is “one of the most qualified people who has ever endeavored to become president,” insisting no modern candidate has brought as much “experience and exposure” to a White House bid.

Limbaugh played a clip of Obama’s remarks for his listeners before launching into a response meant to tear apart her premise.

He began by asserting “the Clintons and the Obamas do not, at heart, like each other,” portraying the first lady’s campaign-trail rhetoric as the left’s effort to beat GOP nominee Donald Trump at any cost.

In fact, he said the first lady and others in Democratic Party do not even believe the glowing endorsements they heap upon Clinton.

“Michelle Obama,” Limbaugh said, “I’m here to tell you, no way believes that Hillary Clinton is more qualified than anybody else who has ever been president.”

Whether she personally subscribes to the praise she offered Clinton at the North Carolina rally, according to Limbaugh’s analysis, is only one reason Obama’s remarks were notable.

Obama’s opening statement addressed voters who are “just not feeling inspired in this election,” which Limbaugh saw as a sure sign of a struggling campaign.

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“She’s at a Hillary event,” Limbaugh said. “What, therefore, is she really saying? What she’s saying is, ‘When I hear folks say that they’re really not inspired by Hillary, I just have to disagree.’ So a campaign rally opens attempting to refute a negative premise about Hillary Clinton.”

He described “the gender card” as a last resort for Clinton surrogates eager to stoke excitement for the campaign. Obama also mentioned Clinton’s gender during the recent rally.

“They’re pulling out all these obligations these supporters have,” Limbaugh said, “because apparently there isn’t this unending desire to see Hillary Clinton elected.”

Based on the level of rhetoric on display at rallies like the one featuring Michelle Obama, the host concluded Clinton is not in the catbird seat for her contentious battle against Trump.

“She’s nowhere near having this wrapped up, locked up and ready to roll as they want us to think,” Limbaugh said.

If anything, he concluded that realization should be some comfort to Trump supporters.

“When you start getting down in the dumps and dispirited,” he advised, “keep in mind that the negatives that Hillary Clinton is walking around with are every bit as intense and high as what they tell us Trump’s are.”

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